The ultimate wedding trends for 2022 are ready to roll

There are some interesting and exciting wedding trends for 2022 and they are already catching on.

It’s been a tough time for couples to tie the knot over the last couple of years, with delays and postponements on the cards instead of invitations going out.

Now it’s time to get the wedding you’ve always wanted underway and there are some nifty ideas of how best to do it for 2022.

Some are a flashback to the past and others are a whole new twist on getting hitched.

Either way, you can pick and choose the ones you want with the one you love. It’s all about making it all come together for the way you want to get together.

Hot tips for a 2022 Wedding

This year is one that will see a huge number of weddings go from their long pre-planning into the actual ceremony.

Going Digital – this means the printed invitation now arrives via an Inbox and so does the RSVP and even the Wedding Registry too. Saving a bit of cost and the cost to the planet.

Eco-Friendly – making as many parts of the wedding as eco-friendly as possible is just going to get stronger. Think of ways you can cut back on your carbon footprint before you walk down the aisle.

Mixing and Matching – one of the latest wedding trends is to mix up the bridal party with different genders from different ages and having a similar look but not identical outfits. Goodbye five bridesmaids in apricot chiffon.

Small to Micro Weddings – the lavish affair with everyone under the sun invited is on the way out. A more intimate gathering is all the rage and even micro weddings are catching on with as few people as possible. That leaves the celebration open for more guests and more fun.

Wedding Theme – having the occasion under the umbrella of a theme can add spark to your nuptials. The new faves are celestial themed with the Moon and Stars as a key part of the day and night. Then there’s pearls for a touch of class and something precious in the dress, ornaments and decorations. 

Table setting for an event party or wedding reception at the beach

A few magic words for a 2022 wedding

Speeches are going to be more of a highlight, especially with people being able to travel after the Covid restrictions. This really is a time to celebrate the fact of actually being together in person and for such a special occasion.

Adding a bit more of a personal story to the obligatory speeches can make for a memorable and even magical speech that gets a huge round of applause and many a teary eye.

The latest trend is to cut some of the speeches and to even get professional writers to help with what is said.

As vows constantly change, gone are the over-the-top phrases like ‘you are and will always be my everything’ and there will be less of the daunting tone of ‘I am taking a huge risk…’ Shorter and more open and honest wording is all the go for the rest of the year. 

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The 2022 trends for wedding gifts 

There are a few clever ideas on the march for 2022. 

One is to leave the wedding gifts to doing something for someone else and someone who really needs it.

As with the recent floods throughout Australia, there is a push to make wedding gifts ones that give back to the community with requests for gifts to a nominated charity or even to organise guests to help out.

The days of getting five toasters and three rice cookers is pretty much gone. Wedding guests are working to giving couples more unusual and personal items.

Sporting items and memorabilia is back on the cards with a special footy or basketball jersey design with the names of the couple emblazoned on the back as a special gift. Even custom printed items, like His and Hers basketball shorts as pyjamas have caught on.

Having fun with wedding gifts can really show how well you know the wedding couple. 

If a groom is a cigar aficionado, then a special set with a Boveda or two to keep them in mint condition is a unique touch. A pair of pool cues or snooker balls can be an interesting and entertaining present.

Even a guide to the best new restaurants for a Foodie couple or a complimentary spa or massage session can be that all the more thoughtful.

Making a bit of music

While the wedding songs are still a touch that never will die out, there is a new twist for selecting the best DJ for weddings.

There are a couple of key factors to look for in your wedding DJ, including;

  1. Getting to know and understand what you want
  2. Being open enough to ask you questions or clarify anything
  3. Listening to your wishes and not pushing you into things
  4. Demonstrating what they can do and how they will do it
  5. Adding a special touch of their own that works for you

Music is a vital part of a wedding and especially the reception when your guests are ready to party.

You might choose a DJ or go with a band, but you need to do all you can to ensure that they know what to do to build the right vibe and make your wedding a winner.

Try to avoid getting family and friends involved no matter how good they think and say they are. You can’t take a chance on the fun and festivities of your big day.

The one wedding trend that never goes out of fashion

Of all the great things about dressing up in your absolute finest, building and enjoying the excitement, catching up with people and reminiscing, there’s one thing that never goes out of style.

That’s sharing what you mean to one another. That goes for the couple of course, but also for the guests who are there to show how much that couple mean to them.

Finding the time to have a one-on-one chat or even a dance with one or both of them can make a big occasion a big hit.

Check in with them in any precious downtime to see if there’s anything you can do for them. It might be small or not needed at all, but it’s a wonderful way to show the real reason you’re there.