How To Create An Outdoor Entertainment Area

How To Create An Outdoor Entertainment Area

Make your outdoors great with the perfect space to enjoy

You could be forgiven for thinking that it is hard to create an outdoor entertainment area that you’ll love.

You won’t forgive yourself if you just give up on the idea because it is easier than you think.

All you need is a bit of clever planning, make the most of what you already have and add some special touches to your outdoor area. From how to prepare and maintain timber to which outdoor furniture oil is best for your place.

One thing to remember is that you could end up paying a small fortune in creating the outdoor entertainment area you would love. One thing you shouldn’t forget is to budget for what you want from that space and work out ways to make it all come together for less.

This is an area of your home that you will want to use and make the most of as often as possible. There is little point creating a space that you can’t use unless the weather is absolutely perfect or only during daylight hours.

With an adaptable space, you can have a little haven where you can entertain guests or just the family without a worry in the world.

The first steps to making your outdoor space extra special

As with any renovation or add-on to your home, it makes sense and saves money if you plan it out properly and follow a step by step approach.

There is rarely any need to reinvent the whole space or spend a fortune doing it up. Making a checklist of what you want and need is the best starting point. Then you can work out what the ‘Must Haves’ are and the ‘Like To Haves’ then work through them one stage at a time.

Before you know it, you will have an outdoor entertainment area that you can’t wait to use again. It’s all about sharing the good times in the best possible way and there are some great ways to make it happen.

Having a list of the different elements you want can include almost anything. A good starting point is to consider things such as;

  • Seating
  • Lighting
  • Timberwork
  • Shade
  • View
  • Plants
  • Special touches

The last thing you want in your outdoor entertainment area is to have to alter it completely just to cater for extra people or changes in the weather.

A breakdown of your outdoor area

Looking at the different elements can start with how many people you want to cater for. Seating people comfortably is a key to being able to relax and enjoy the space.

Having too many chairs is often worse than having too few seats. No-one feels comfortable sitting at a huge table that is all but empty. Being able to add one or two places for people is much better than having a dead space where no-one is ever likely to sit.

With lighting, it’s a good idea to make the most of any natural light and choose an arrangement that offers a calming mood that is also practical. If you will be dining outdoors, then it’s important to be able to see the sumptuous food on offer. Having adjustable lighting is a great solution for altering the space according to the way it is used.

With any decking or timberwork, there can be small nicks, scratches and signs of damage to the wood. Instead of needing to replace the timber, you can rejuvenate the look and feel of the wood with a new stain.

Choosing a quality and easy to use deck stain is a great way to make the most of the natural timber look. You can finish it off with a deck sealer to really get the most out of your deck. The beauty is that is a fast drying stain that has the ability to actually repair any damage, nicks and scratches too.

With any timber steps, it’s a good idea to make the most of a non slip coating for timber stairs. You can also brighten up your flooring with a coat of timber floor wax polish that will showcase the beauty of the timber.

The difference in an Australian outdoor entertainment area

Not every Australian outdoor entertainment area is the same. It all comes down to the climate, the position and size of your outdoor space and most importantly, your budget.

Utilising plants and trees for natural shade in the warmer months can help protect you, your guests and your furniture from the ravages of the harsh Australian sunlight. You can also position shade cloths and adjustable sun umbrellas to maintain a good degree of shade.

One aspect to keep in mind is to allow for the optimal view. You don’t want to crowd or block the view of your garden unless you wish to hide something unsightly like an air-con unit or hot water service.

If your home is prone to attacks or infestation from pests, then you should engage a professional team to look after them before you entertain anyone. Finding an expert team like the pest control in Melbourne, Sydney or whichever city you hail from can fix the problem at the source and leave you to enjoy a whole year of entertaining.

Entertaining with the personal touch

When it comes to entertaining people in your own home, it’s all about you and your place.

You have your own unique style and your place should reflect and celebrate that fact. No-one is looking to come to your home and feel like they are visiting a Reception Centre.

Even if you place isn’t perfect, just sprucing it up with a few special touches and giving it a make-over can go a long way. Maybe you need to work with some tools and an  oil free air compressor or you just need to sweep out and hose down the area then add a new stain here and there.

Adding some new plants or hanging pots can revitalise your space and turn your outdoor area into one that is inviting and charming.

There’s no better feeling than sitting back after a wonderful time of entertaining and admiring your own place as a little slice of Heaven.