How to enhance your mind and home

How to enhance your mind and home

Far too often, we overlook the relationship between the state of our homes and the health of our minds. It’s no surprise the two are correlated, given our homes are one of the most basic forms of self-expression as far as style and décor go, but the efforts and comforts they provide, of course, require maintenance. When the health and well-being of our minds slip, so do our efforts to keep peace, organisation, and order in our homes. Perhaps the laundry basket begins to overflow, or the dust builds up, or things go left unrepaired – all in all, usually an enhanced home equals an enhanced mind, and vice versa.

Looking after our mental health and well-being is thankfully very on-trend. It’s becoming more and more evident that the state of our mind impacts most other aspects of our life, including our physical health. A healthy mind is much better equipped to manage a healthy lifestyle, to motivate for the things that need motivation, to problem solve the issues and not least, to battle through life’s inevitable blows. There are many proven ways to help maintain mental health, and each of these is encouraged to be included in your day-to-day life. Expanding your capacities through learning, experiences, or even executive coaching is exceptionally beneficial, but one must not overlook the potential to enhance one’s mind by extension of home enhancements.

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Giving your space the good old spring clean is a great place to start. You’ll be clearing out the cobwebs of your home and mind simultaneously. Clearing out and deep cleaning can be extremely cathartic and also gives you the opportunity to reassess whether you should hold onto things you don’t need or that no longer serve you. Chances are you’ll find some out of date staples in the back of your cupboard – like the rice flour you bought for that one recipe many moons ago. You’ll have the opportunity to get rid of the lids that no longer have containers, clear out the odd socks from your drawer, rehome the oil free air compressor and compressed air audit book you no longer use and reorganise the random collection of cables we all have in a box somewhere. Clearing and tidying the clutter in your home is sure to leave your mind feeling equally as free and untangled by the time you’re finished.

With the busy lives, we all seem to lead these days; it’s no wonder that so many of us let small repairs slip through the cracks. Be it simple scuffs and marks on the wall, drawers that won’t stay shut or stains on your carpet and leaky taps, there are many little faults we soon stop noticing. Much like when the little dips in our mental well-being go unnoticed, these seemingly insignificant parts of our home may be doing more to damage the overall aesthetic and vibe than we give them credit for. The chances are when you take the time to stop ignoring them; you’ll find there’s a quick and simple fix that will make a world of difference. Just a smidge of putty to fill in a ‘barely noticeable’ hole or timber filler to fix up the floor will leave your home feeling fresh and your mind feeling accomplished. Leaving the bigger tasks that require some spending and planning is definitely totally understandable, and it’s doubtful you’re alone in this. It’s incredibly common for us to look at these types of tasks and become overwhelmed or feel as though we simply do not have the time to tackle them. In turn, when we do finally make the time and fix them up, we often find they weren’t as big as we thought, and it’s a mighty weight off our minds. It’s well worth making an effort to keep on top of the damages in our homes before they get out of hand.

When thinking of ways to enhance your home, it’s foolish to overlook the difference some updated furnishings or décor can bring. Often, we get very comfortable with what we are used to, so much that we don’t notice they have become stale or redundant. Refreshing your home can be so refreshing to your mind and has been known to promote feelings of achievement and excitement for the future. It’s also a great opportunity to make it into a bit of a décor DIY project. In the spirit of being sustainable, you might look to sell any outdated items as they can be someone else’s new look and be given a new lease on life. This will also help fund any new things you want to buy. In the same breath, you can also look to find new pieces from opportunity shops or second-hand stores. The furniture and household items that make their way to these places are often in excellent condition, having only been parted with due to necessity or an upgrade and not a wearing out. If it turns out your budget simply won’t allow any major changes, you’ll find that even the rearranging of some furniture, or removal of some unnecessary pieces, will make as much of a difference – they do say a change is as good as a holiday.

When refreshing and enhancing our homes, we often stop at the interior and overlook the opportunities to uplift the exterior while we’re at it. Simple cleaning process can be extended to the outside of your home. From window washing through to gutter clearing, that same sense of achievement and order will be experienced. It’s easy to become oblivious to the little weeds that grow through the cracks. Pulling them out and filling in the gaps to prevent future growth can have a synonymous effect on the weeds in your mind – plus, a great time to catch up on that podcast or audiobook you’ve been meaning to listen to. If you’ve been putting off touching up the deck before you decide on natural decking oil or simply clear decking oil, making that decision will be a weight off your shoulders and a job off your task list. When all is finally finished, and you stand back and look at your handy work, it’s guaranteed your mind will feel as fresh, clean, and enhanced as your home looks.

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